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Aloe-AHH™: Cooling and Soothing Over-Exposed Skin

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if you itch

but you cannot reach

you may twitch

but you cannot scritch.


to the sun you turn

but it makes you burn

a new concern
well, you'll learn.




What a relief!

This skincare cream features cooling botanicals traditionally used to soothe minor burns, scrapes, insect bites, and other irritations.

  • aloe vera
    [Aloe barbadensis]
  • sesame oil
    [Sesamum indicum]
  • extracts of potato [Solanum tuberosum], cucumber [Cucumis sativus], and lettuce [Lactuca scariola sativa]
  • ascorbyl palmitate
    [oil-soluble Vitamin C]
  • silicone oxide
  • titanium oxide
  • potassium lactate
  • phosphatidylcholine [Nanosomes™]
  • essential oils of petitgrain [Citrus aurantium] and lavender [Lavandula angustifolia]
  • sodium EDTA
  • optiphen ND
  • xanthan gum

For all skin types.

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